Monday, April 13, 2009

Crazy Verizon Phone

What do you think of the phone pictured below? Nokia is trying to create a swivel version of the E71, complete with a full QWERTY keyboard and running Series 40. This CDMA phone is set to launch on Verizon, on a date yet to be determined.

So are you going to run out and buy this when it releases? I think I'll stick with my 8900. I just don't see the appeal in trying to twist open a phone to get at the keyboard. And that squarish form factor looks like it'll fit into my purse better than my pocket.



Omagus said...

Five reasons I have zero interest in this phone:

1) It's on Verizon.
2) It's running Series 40.
3) It's on Verizon.
4) The swivel mechanism.
5) It's on Verizon.

Omagus said...

Oh, also...this cannot be considered a "version of the E71" if it's running Series 40. It's just a dumbphone with QWERTY. It's more apt to compare it to those QWERTY text phones that Samsung and Sanyo will be releasing soon.

Addison said...

Unique full QWERTY keyboard phone!! I got my new phone from Verizon Wireless... Their services are best!!

Geoff said...

am inpresed not something I would bye or use.