Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Readers Prefer to Weather the Storm

The votes are in on the poll and the Storm easily cruised into first place as the device that most readers would buy:
  • The Storm got 137 votes or 51% of the 265 total votes 
  • Second place went to the iPhone at 29% 
  • The Pre got 19%
  • The G1 lagged behind with only 11% of the votes
  • And there were 17 votes or 6% of people voting for 'None of them'

Long live BlackBerry! And don't forget to vote on my new poll asking which carrier you are on.


1 comment:

sandy said...

hi zara, i really like storm but g1 either. and i hv to choose between them. do u have any advices for me. im so irresolate!!

i like this blog,thnks lot:)