Friday, March 20, 2009

WinMo 6.5 Gets "More Usable"

I really wonder what Microsoft was trying to solve with the whole honeycomb pattern. Apparently, beta testers in Microsoft wondered the exact same thing. End result - no more hexagons, but the same offset icons. Can you believe that Microsoft is touting this as "more usable"? At least scrolling is more fluid than before, but that itself doesn't really constitute the .4 upgrade.

It's disappointing that Microsoft really hasn't changed much from WinMo 6. And now, 6.5's not even going to have the honeycomb look. So what is it going to have? Same old keyboard, same old browser, and the same old media player. Did I mention no support for capacitive touch screens? What's the upgrade again? Please Microsoft, give us something new.


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