Friday, February 20, 2009

Keyboard Selection

It's exciting when a QWERTY keyboard comes to portrait mode. The G1 could really take advantage of it. With the Storm, it could save you many a SureType frustration. Just keep in mind that the iPhone has the portrait QWERTY ever since it released and its landscape keyboard came later.




Now the question turns to how they will perform. The above pictures (for the G1 and Storm) could become your best friend or your tormenting keyboard. Only time will tell. 



Omagus said...

Meh. I guess virtual keyboards are the way of the future. But I still prefer an actual, physical keyboard.

Drew said...

What version of the Storm has this?

Zara said...

Hey Drew! Storm OS has the portrait QWERTY keyboard. RIM's also improved the lag with this build. Then again, Omagus got it right. Physical keyboards are still the way to go.