Friday, February 13, 2009

Mobile World Congress 2009 is Coming

Starting on Monday, the Mobile World Conference is sure to bring big news for mobile enthusiasts like me! But when the keynote is about weathering the recession, you know that the tone is going to be different. 

Still, Acer is expected to debut it's new smartphones (judging by the promotion pictured below). But sadly Samsung is officially not showing off an Android phone and Dell might not display its smartphone offering. 

I'm sure there'll be lots of news and I'll be sure to report the highlights of the conference. I hope there will be a few surprises (that Engadget hasn't spoiled) too!

As an aside, it's interesting how this is my 13th post, falling on a Friday the 13th. Good luck or bad luck for for the mobile industry in the coming year? Stay tuned :)


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