Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Camera Comparison

Hi guys! Here are the pictures from the iPhone, G1, and Storm that I took during the video review.




The iPhone's camera is very simple and may only be 2MP, but it gets the job done well.

The G1 also has a very simple camera lacking configurable options, but it sports 3.2MP and autofocus. The catch is that the delays while taking a picture can be quite annoying. Waiting for the camera to focus is understandable, but a noticable delay of a few seconds between pressing the capture button and the camera taking the picture is unacceptable.

In terms of options, the Storm's camera wins hands down. It is 3.2MP, features an LED flash, autofocus, and a nice camera options menu to change everything from the resolution to white balance to applying an effect. I don't think that more options necessarily makes the best camera, but I would expect these features on all of these phones.

Post your comment and let everyone know which camera you think is best. I think that the iPhone is looking the best in this test, but that's just my opinion.



Anonymous said...

The IPhone has the clearer camera. The Bold is still better IMO.

iPad said...

I don't think Bold is better, Storm has better camera than the Bold, but I like both.

By the way, Zara I love you <3 =)


cpuking2009 said...

i use the storm all the time and i can tell you if the picture shown does not look as good as it should it is becuase the camera was not setup to take that picture I.E. white balance and color effects. if you blew these images up to full size you would see the iphone pic is full of noise and the storm has none i can not say for the G1 i never used it but it looks worse than even the iphone out of the 3 pics.

Saro said...

you can see the walls true colour (blue) with the iPhone. iPhone even though its 2.0m is definintly clearer

jfs101 said...

Zara, what is the actual color of the wall to the right?... The picture taken with the storm seems best to me.

Zara said...

The iPhone most accurately reproduced the colors when compared to the G1 and Storm in this case. If you're wondering, the White Balance on the Storm was set to Automatic and the Color Effect was set to Normal, which seems most likely for people to use.

Anonymous said...

Personally i think that the iPhone has a clearer camera even with a 2.0mp camera. I also think that the iPhones camera focused on the color of the picture more.

1) iPhone
2) G1
3) BlackBerry Storm

But im not saying that those other cameras are bad...they are not but thats my opinion.