Thursday, March 26, 2009

E71 on AT&T... Soon

Yesterday was the rumored launch of the E71x on AT&T. Is it any surprise that a last minute bug was discovered? Apparently, the bug deals with the phone's ability to handle emails. Since the firmware update is still weeks away, don't expect to see the E71x in stores any time soon.

I have to wonder what AT&T is thinking, launching this phone after it has already been on the market for almost a year. Do you think they'd be better off just waiting for the E75? Post a comment to let me know what you think.



Omagus said...

I think Nokia would be better off just cutting all ties with AT&T. I know that it can't really do that if it wants to grow its presence in the US but Nokia+AT&T has been a pretty bad relationship.

EVERY SINGLE TIME a new Symbian phone is released through AT&T, something is wrong with the software. Every single time. The E71x is just the most recent. It happened with the N95, the N80, the 9300, the 6682, etc. Either the phone was not released at the 11th hour (due to a bug), or it was delayed for a ridiculous period of time or it was released and something was wrong. And in each case, an unlocked version of the phone had already been out for months with virtually no issues whatsoever (including with AT&T sim cards).

I really wish Nokia could just say, "Screw this." Why not focus on building up relationships with T-Mobile and regional GSM carriers? One of the reasons that Samsung is as strong a presence as it is in the US now is because several years ago it partnered up with a fledgling Sprint PCS. Even though Sprint has not benefited from that partnership, Samsung sure has. I think Nokia could be strengthened in the same way.

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