Monday, March 23, 2009

iPhone: Best Business Device?

When I think of the iPhone, I generally see it as a consumer device. But no more. The iPhone ranks first in terms of customer satisfaction among corporate smartphone users. 

The 1000-point score for each manufacturer is composed of:
  • 270 points for Ease of Operation
  • 240 points for the Operating System
  • 210 points for Physical Design
  • 180 points for Handset Features
  • 100 points for Batter Aspects
The top 3 scores:
  • Apple with 778 points
  • RIM with 703 points
  • Samsung with 701 points
I always think of BlackBerry devices as being the corporate devices. RIM ranked second, just slightly above Samsung, which was a surprise. Now the study was done between August and September of 2008, before the Storm launched. 

Do you think that the Storm would have pushed RIM past Apple in corporate customer satisfaction? You can read the whole article here. Post your comment to let me know what you think.


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Alex Danvy said...

Samsung has a wide range of phones using several OS like Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS. hardly comparable to Apple or RIM. Anyway, iPhone OS 2.0 bring Microsoft Exchange support to "enter" the enterprise market.